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Short film update #1 -Introduction

Hi! I'm going to start this with a kind of mission statement for what I want my short film to accomplish, why I am making it and maybe a bit about myself. Most likely not in that order.

Don't expect too much from my writing another aim of mine is to be able to properly articulate my ideas, I tend to fumble and lose confidence in what I have to say when put under scrutiny, so I'm hoping documenting process will help solidify my ability to explain my work.

My main aim for this project is to further develop my 2D animation skills and push my understanding of narrative. I've been craving something consistant I can work on. I'd also like to have more for my portfolio, pretty standard stuff. To keep it brief I am a human man aspiring to work full time creatively on hand drawn 2D animation. I am currently a full time motion graphics artist (which is a fun job), and do a lot of freelance illustration on the side. This is all sounding quite dry, I will move on to my film concept.

The current title is "JANEY DREAMS OF ATOMIC BOMBS". It takes place in a post global warming England (that's where I'm from). It's about a young girl (Janey) and her older brother visiting a museum dedicated to war and Janey becoming traumatised by a 1940's instructional tape on how to protect yourself from imminent nuclear catastrophe.

I want to capture the uncertainty felt from existential threats, how we are taught to deal with these and what this means to a child coming to terms with forces out of her control in a world already creeping into complete devastation. I'm hoping for the film to be warmly human and deeply melancholy. The film will also touch on broader themes of humanities tendency to be destructive and being unable to fully confront real slow burn threat.

There's more to it but I think that's all I feel like writing for now, the next post will have some concept art.

Thanks for reading :)

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